The zoo of Beauval is probably the number ONE of the topten zoos of France. The variety of the animalcollection and the design of the parc is absolutely magnificent, especially the latest addition, the new elephant enclosure, in which a small herd of african elephants can be seen.

Recently there is an large expansion for the lions in a freestyle exhibition on terraces and a very nice Hippodromehouse.

A large variety of guenon monkeys (cercopithecidea), susch as brazza, diana and moustach  as a great collection of marmosets are the regular inhabitants here in the parc.

Recently there is a pair of giant pandas from china inhabiting the new enclosure.

Large enclosures for the big cats, nicely situated under the trees, but every advantedge has its disadvantedge. The large enclosure make it difficult to spot the cats, white tigres, sumatran tigres, jaguars, coogars, white lions and african lions.

The arican enclosure with giraffes, zebras, wildebeasts, topis and white rhinos is really impressive.

But the remarkable thing about this zoo is the hotel just opposite the road in Bali style with nice rooms and excellent food.

If you are visiting France this is a must and dont exclude it from your journey.


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