Beijing Zoo

Beijing Zoo was founded in 1906 and with its 89ha (220 acres) a real oasis in the crowded capital of China. In the superb and magnificent botanical gardens is a collection of 14500 animals in 990 species, the garden is divided in three sectors, but its not clear what they indicate, because its not grouped by continent nor species. Lately they keep a large number of the giant Pandas in a real nice enclosure. Besides several species of the snub-nose monkeys, there are a large number of primates kept in small dark cages, which is a way of 70 years ago. The elephants, both African and Indian, and Rhinos, white and Indian are stationed in a modern house with good outdoor enclosures. At the backside you find a Hippo couple with young. The big cats are in a reasonable housing with outdoor-enclosures circled around the main house in the Hagenbeck-style, terraces in deep pits, no maul but steep walls, lions, Bengal tigers, Amur-tigers, jaguars and white tigers populate the enclosures.

A large aviary with vultures is dominating the area. The hoofed animals are represented by Oryxs, zebras and giraffes.

Less fortunate are the primates, Kattas, Capucin monkeys, white colored gibbons, Brazza guneons, Mandrills, Green baboons and Spider-monkeys.

The enclosure indicates the inhabitant is a Saki Chiropotes satanes, but the enclosure was empty.

5 islands with each 1 chimpanzee and inside a dark space 1 orang oetan is spending her last days in isolation, which made me cry.

But all together it is a reasonable zoo in a magnificent garden