Zoo de Boisière

About 50 min from Saumur we found this little gem of 20 ha and over 700 animals. This little parc that still can compete with our Rotterdam zoo in seize is brilliantly being develloped by the private owner and I think if the funds were sufficient enough this parc can be a rising star in the sky. From the entrance it starts humble and hides its treasures well, but soon the surprises start to astonish you. Siamangs on their lil island welcome you is you are lucky with their songs, leading you on your way to the Java-langoers, a happy family with alot of offspring. A vast enclosure for 4 gorilla-males and the owner told us they will start to create a breeding group soon. They also have a large enclosure for Orangs and had a wonderful male, Major who unfortunately died last year, but I hope the young male will step in his place as breeder. I wish I could have met this majestic wonderful creature, a real gentle giant. But what realy does shake you off your feet is the vast and I mean realy vast Africa savanne, where 4 white rhinos gently grazing the fields, among then antilopes, zebras, addax and stille seperate giraffes and gnoes. Smartly hidden in the centre the cheetahs enclosure with 5 cheetahs.

Lions, white tigers, leopards, serval, clouded leopards, you fall from one surprise to the other. A small but very nice enclosure for the tamarins end titis beautifully decorated with plants. And if I would ask you what kind of a man is this creator, you would probably say oh thats a biologe, zoologe, but thats not at all true, he is a in his own words: simple selfmade man, but I think thats too humble and he hides the secret. And only the fortunate and lucky ones will recognize it and know what that secret is…… its called LOVE.

There you have it, you see it all around this little parc, that how little you may think it is, its still great in its achievements.

So people, if you wanna have a great day, a wonderful walk and see some nice animals too, this is the place where you must go