Zoo de Jurques

Also about 50 min from Caen you find a small parc, with about 650 animals on an estimated area of 15ha, privately owned. Special for the parc is the large enclosure snowleopards. The parc has its good parts as well its bad sections. The big cats are held in a sufficient enclosure, although for the visitors sometimes hard too see. The primates are overall held well on islands and free enclosures. There are lemurs, marmosets and even a capucin monkey (cebus apella) which seems to have lost its way on the island. What realy is troubeling is the area of the mandrills and berbermonkeys which look to me like a hugh minepit and “built”with a lack of imagination. 3 mandrills and 1 berbermonkey are wandering  a kind of lost among the heaps of stones and rocks in a blistering sun. The rest of the parc is sited in the forest part. Although the parc pretends to be on the conservation programs I ask myself how you manage that with only 1 animal of a species, 1 ceryopsis goose, 1 capucin, 1 berbermonkey. Ok they are breeding with the snowleopards, siberian lynx.

The pumas are well kept as are the amur tigers. A half day is enough for a visit and I dont felt the need for a second round.