Zoo du bois d’Attily

Just 25km east of Paris you can find this small parc of 19ha with 650 animals. It seems the parc started as a private collection, which opened to the public in 1966, turned into hibernation. Or maybe the owner/founder is gone or lost interest, but the parc really does need a reorganisation and renovation. There are some signs of renovating activities but there is no follow up or maybe lack of money. But managing a zoo, as they claim to be, is something different then putting some animals in cages. There has to be some animalmanagement and stock reorganisation. The location is absolutely marvelous and has great potential, but you need to do something with the space and not waste it. Two large flock of deer, 3 enclosures for wapitideer.

The bigcats should be renovated as soon as possible, these cages are without imagination and vision, and if you dont have them maintenanced the cats will walk soon among the visitors. The parc claims, the management is working for preservation of endangered species, but how do you do that with single animals? Come on, 1 capucin, 1 spidermonkey,1 tonkean macace, 1 pigtail macace, 1 vari lemur, 1 white cheecked gibbon. And that primatehouse, a bunch of mesh and concrete 3×4 cages, should be turned into a bigger enclosure with imagination and vision, if you have no money? ok then keep no animals or ask me how you can manage it for low no cost.

The hyenas could be held in a wider better enclosure and get rid of one of the vulturegroups and put the bald eagle in the area.You or the management has to wake up from your hibernation and get into action if you wanna survive. The signs are there, seen the mesh, aprox 30 years old, the picknickshelters turned into enclosures empty, empty cages empty enclosures.

If you want to stop, stop, if you want to continue just get some help and advice, this parc really has potential and you can change it on a lowbudget, give me a year and I will change it for you.